Tyrelle Crooks-Cooper Funeral Cost

Kassandra is an important member of the St. Alban’s family.   She has worked with St. Alban’s for many years and is a dedicated, valued and respected part of the St. Alban’s team. She is loved for her commitment to making the community a better place for children and families.

Kassandra’s 8 yr old son Tyrelle was admitted into Sick Children’s Hospital after falling ill with what was thought to be a regular flu but quickly turned into the unknown. After months of tests, research and prayers, he9 had sadly passed away from unknown causes on April 22, 2018.

Kassandra, Tristan and T.J. are brokenhearted at the loss of their beloved Tyrelle. Our hearts break for them and as a family we are going to do what we can to support her and we have set up a Go Fund Me Page to help with funeral and other costs that the family has incurred during this horrible time.

The link to the Go Fund ME page is below, any assistance you can give would be greatly appreciated or if you could share with family and friends.


Power of the Purse Fundraising Event

Hello Friends of St. Alban’s Boys and Girls Club,

We are a month away from  hosting our  Power of the Purse Fundraising  event on Tuesday May 15th  at 99 Sudbury from 6pm to 9pm

We’re hoping you can attend and help us make this night a success!

We have a wide variety of items to bid on in our Silent Auction including 2 West Jet Tickets to anywhere WestJet flies, Hotel Packages,  Gift Baskets and a wonderful assortment of high end purses, backpacks and gym bags for men and women

Tickets are on sale and can be purchased via the link below.

Please join us  and help us raise $50,000 to help us renovate our arts and craft room .

Looking forward to seeing everyone on May 15th!